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*What Reaching your Goals can look like
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Psychotherapy Testimonial

She helped me to be more confident, get rid of insecurities, to stop being so hard on myself, and be reborn again leaving the past in the past and all the bad and hurtful experiences.

Mateja is very professional and committed to helping you ask for the same commitment from patients. She gave me tools that helped me to understand a new world of renovation and embrace a new beginning full of positive possibilities.

I am practicing meditation today, eating healthy, using positive self-talking, and a lot more that she gave me to be a new person. My life changed, spiritually, and internally and I would love for people that need help so don’t hesitate and work with Mateja, SHE IS THE BEST. Thank you!!


Hypnosis Case Study

A recent session with a client who suffers from a phobia of needles. We had a few shorter sessions of hypnosis combined with therapy where we explored the issue in-depth and did a pre-talk. She already had success even with shorter hypnosis sessions and the intensity has decreased from 9 to 6 and also shorter duration as she was able to use the breathing technique that I taught her and a safe place anchor.

After the session, she reported being proud of herself, optimistic that she can finally release the phobia that has been with her for all her life since childhood, as well as feeling relaxed and energized.

Mateja Petje Boca Raton Florida Hypnosis PTSD Certificate of Completion